superheroes of science

Intercontinental Music Lab: IIML Goes to War

The Intercontinental Music Lab has finally come out with their latest effort. A compilation of 14 tracks that combine folk, pop, rock, alternative, jazz and everything in between. Intercontinental Music Lab Goes to War is the latest effort from this experimental group. Basically, the group/organization has been around since 2008 and has released five previous albums. Each record revolves around a theme or concept, which musicians or groups can pick a subject from and create music about. It's much more detailed than that of course, but the result is nevertheless, an epic collaboration between musicians and artists. This is one great record to have by your side whether you're heading out to war or not.

“Superheroes Of Science” from the Intercontinental Music Lab

The Intercontinental Music Lab (IML) is a world-wide music project whose aim is to promote musical collaboration. The core contributors, originally from Cambridge, England are now writing and recording music all over the planet - and new international collaborators are being enlisted every week. IML Collaborators submit backing-tracks to IML H.Q. where they are randomly redistributed to other collaborators who write lyrics and record vocals. The subject of IML's first album was "Superheroes of Science", second "Superheroes of Sea" and the third was "Superheroes of Space".