Ben et Béné is an Electro-8bit-Punk duo from France. Ben started playing his own music in 2003 after singing and playing in other punk and indie rock groups, composing his music on a cheap computer, then Gameboy and Reason. Béné, who just qualified for art-school, shows her “Real Video,” which is a blend of TV movies and domestic video, during their concerts. Ben et Béné recently released “Trip to Trip,” a CD/DVD combo EP, via Da! Heard It Records. Now, all the songs and videos from that EP are available for download for free via the record label’s website.

“Trip to Trip” follows Ben et Béné on a road trip that they went on. The titles of the songs are cities or towns in France. All four songs from the EP reflect their electronica and 8-bit influences. Their songs fit in perfectly both at the club or at the arcade. They’re all quite interesting, and you wouldn’t mind listening to them over and over. The songs have nice beats that make you want to dance every time you listen to them. My personal favorites are the first two tracks, “Brest” and “Comines-Komen.”

Ben et Béné

If you have the time, you should definitely check out the accompanying videos, which are the “Real Videos” played during their concerts. They give an insight into what kind of people Ben et Béné are. They also serve as a bit of a travel journal, as they reflect the places that they went to on their road trip. If you’re a fan of electronica and/or 1980s video game music, you should definitely download and check out this free EP. It’s 16 minutes of pure energy and fun.

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