The advent of HD gaming entered our devices, and minds, as quickly as a storm. Sometimes while shooting at life-like monsters and scoring goals on the field, we do get reminded about how fuss-free 8-Bit cassette games really were. Well, prayers have been answered with Duck Hunt making its presence felt on Android.

Ported by Andrey_N_S, the port seems to work really well, but strangely only on the higher-end smartphones and no one seems to be complaining yet.

The game looks, feels, works and plays the same as the classic, keeping true to the 8-Bit classics’ character. The dog is still there with his annoying laughter when the player misses a strings of shot. The graphic is also classic and a real breather from the newer breed of HD gaming visuals and surround sound.

The game really has very little to boast, but it is priceless when it awakens all the childhood memories when we all made our first steps into the world of gaming. Overall, it is an amazing treat with a few hiccups on the entry level phones, but the high-end droid will adjust to it like an old blanket.

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