Take a trip to “the other side” with LukHash‘s stunning new release!

Started more than 10 years ago, “LukHash” is a one-man band who ‘writes and records all parts for guitars, bass, piano, drums, and synths himself’ to produce a unique breed of 80’s-inspired dance and electronica.

The music (still) doesn’t slow down as he puts out his latest effort, “The Other Side,” a 14-track result of his continuous tinkering with the SID chiptune, Nintendo digital logic soundchip, and Commodore 64 systems [plus more]. The by-product: a solid collection that illustrates his passion and innate skill to create cutting-edge music which is as fresh as his earlier material.

“Another World” commences the madness, taking you ‘auditorily’ to an imaginary rave where everyone is doing nothing but dance. By the time “Hold Back” ticks in, you (might) be unaware that you’ve been tapping your feet yourself, or getting crazy, even!

This is one heck of a jam and now as a part of free FrostWire/FrostClick features it can be yours. So click on the download button.

Track list:
1. Another World
2. Hongdae
3. The Other Side
4. Eighties
5. Itaewon
6. Survive
7. Poison
8. Hold Back
9. Arcade Journeys
10. 8Bit Fairy Tale
11. Android
12. Midnight Light
13. Let’s Play
14. Hope Dies Last

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