This week, treat yourself with something fun and quirky with Crush, a small bundle of happiness that shows off, not only Rachel Antonoff’s beautiful clothing line and Bianca Giaever’s incredible directing, but more importantly, a cute love story of how a crush, turned into pumpkins, then into love.

Post It

Ernie Schmaltz is a lonely, unfulfilled office worker. He discovered an unlikely new friend—a Post-It note. They clicked. It just kind of happened. Written by Ken Furer and directed by Oren Kaplan, Post It is a short comedy film that features a fitfully amusing muddle of zany humor. The film stars David Neher, who can be seen in numerous TV series such as Modern Family, Community, Workaholics, and New Girl, to name a few.

The Kinda Sutra

In need of a good short? Grab a quick laugh and watch The Kinda Sutra, a Sundance hybrid documentary short that explores the eternal question: Where do babies come from?

Copia A

Copia A, by Trexel Animation, takes an audience into the wonderful world of animation and graphics with a twist. With no dialogue and a delightful soundtrack, this short displays a powerful message about passion and frustration.

Bad Cars

Dating in Los Angeles is hard, especally when you have a shitty car. In Bad Cars, witness how two strangers go on a first date with a single problem—they both have crappy cars and neither one of them wants the other to see it.