This week, treat yourself with something fun and quirky with Crush, a small bundle of happiness that shows off, not only Rachel Antonoff’s beautiful clothing line and Bianca Giaever’s incredible directing, but more importantly, a cute love story of how a crush, turned into pumpkins, then into love.

Featuring familiar faces such as Jack Antonoff, Jillian Jacobs, Mae Witman, Jenny Slate, Caroline Elise, to name a few, this six-minute short explores how Rick (Jack Antonoff) and Shira (Jillian Jacobs) met in 1972 and formed a solid bond of friendship that continually bloomed into something beautiful years after they’ve first seen each other.

What makes this film special is how it exudes vibrancy and freshness that will put a smile into anyone’s face. There’s a great balance between narrative, campaign, and visuals that makes all the elements work together. The clever storytelling perfectly matches the superb acting of all the people who participated in the project.


Crush is a light and fresh way to either start or end your day. With great authorial style, overall production, and visuals, this film will enchant your eyes and warm your heart.

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