In need of a good short? Grab a quick laugh and watch The Kinda Sutra, a Sundance hybrid documentary short that explores the eternal question: Where do babies come from?

Directed by academy-award winning Jessica Yu and produced under Nonfiction Unlimited, the documentary is sewn together by several interviews of a diverse collection of people recalling their own youthful misconceptions about conception.

This creative investigation is accompanied by a colorful, Kama Sutra-inspired animation that are equally humorous and visually-engaging.

As a cherry on top, the documentary concludes with interviews of kids and their own ideas about childbirth. This is both adorable and amusing, a perfect way to end the film.

After all the laughs and priceless moments, the short pushes us to dig deeper and question why are is there a universal confusion about sex. Kinda Sutra is a documentary that’s light, fun, and entertaining but does not sway away from the issue or question on hand.

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