Quiet and surreal instrumental post rock from the land down under. With a quirky name like Sleepmakeswaves, you might think that the band plays shoegazer, indie rock. There’s no denying that their music does bear a resemblance to this type of sound. The only difference is that they are on mute. Weaving metallic rock along with electronic textures, the band successfully creates a post rock instrumental opera.  On the other hand, Tangled Thoughts of Leaving is a prominent prog-rock, jazz, noise band from Perth, Australia.

Split LP is a result of the collaboration between these two bands; creating a sonic fusion of sound that can only be achieved when two different bands are in total, almost complete equilibrium with each others sound.

Since the LP was created by two bands, there’s no doubt that each bands characteristic style of music takes precedence in their own tracks. Sleepmakeswaves, for instance, create a sound that showcases their trademark of uplifting instrumental rock; essentially providing an energy non-existent in some of the tracks. Alternatively, TTol  or Tangled Thoughts of Leaving provide tracks that are more experimental and improvised. Despite these differences, both bands create harmony because of their love for electronica.

The LP comes with 5 tracks, 3 of which are from Sleepmakeswaves while the rest are from Tangled Thoughts of Leaving.  “Keep Your Splendid Sun” is flourished with swelling guitars, ebbing back and forth like a tide in the middle of beautiful ocean. Meanwhile, “A Vexing Predicament” starts with beautiful piano/keyboard work and unpredictable melodies that create a cacophony  of sound; much like mixing oil and water. Because of their inherent properties they constantly try and separate but somehow they still blend in well.

For those who love the unpredictability and unique features of progressive noise rock, then the album will definitely be something worth checking out.

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