Hamster Free Zip Archiver compresses files in the ZIP and 7z formats as well as decompress RAR files.

It’s simple to install and use with its neat interface – compress files by simply dragging and dropping.

There are three setting for your archives; Minimum, Optimal and Maximum. Maximum is the slowest speed but the smallest file size and in turn Minimum is the faster speed but the large file to archive.

This is a free software but when you download it please note that it will also install BING as your default search engine as well as few other add-ons. Of course you don’t need to keep any of them, simply go to uninstall and you will be all set.

Another very handy feature of Hamster Free Zip Archiver it that it allows you to separate archives and files down to pages so they’re easier to send or upload. You can also password-protect files for added security. In short, it’s a number of compression functions in one neat little software.

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