Zero-Project “Fairytale” – floating away in dreamy musicals

Fairytale by Zero Project is a dreamy music album filled with almost magical notes and dazzling instrumentals. It features 13 tracks which would surely remind you of your long lost childhood dreams which are comprised of pianos, strings, violins, glockenspiels, wind instruments and a whole lot more. Relive your own fairytales of a knight, a princess and a castle in the middle of a lush meadow filled with all things magical. This album is meant to make your dreams come true.

Kid Key Lock – keep kids’ (and pets’) hands away from your computer

Kid Key Lock is a freeware which allows you to disable keyboard and/or mouse functions. You can choose to disable all keys, or choose only specific system commands. You can also disable different mouse keys, as well as the usage of all mouse & keyboard inputs. Its primary purpose is to let toddlers or kids play around your computer without pressing unwanted programs and commands. Of course, this can also be useful for your pets who love to sit on your keyboard or who like to play with the mouse when you aren't there.

Comodo Firewall + Antivirus – protect your Windows

Comodo Firewall + Antivirus is a free security suite which allows users to have the protection of both a firewall and an antivirus. There are many options for advanced users, although it is also quite simple for beginners and entry-level users. Comodo is currently available for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows users. However, you have to keep your attention on the installation to opt out of SafeSearch and toolbar options.

Dimensions – two hours of Mathematics fun

Dimensions is a 2-hour educational video about Mathematics. Featuring 9 chapters that take you up to the fourth dimension, enjoy two hours of mathematics with some of the most famous Mathematicians in the history. From circles to spheres, square to cubes, and even more complex stuff such as geometry and the Hopf fibration, this collection of videos definitely is a must-see for just about anybody.

Twenty Two Beautiful Calligraphy Fonts – Free

This collection of free calligraphy fonts compiled by WebDesignDev from Fonts2U is a surefire hit for your computer. These artistic fonts can amp up your presentations, graphic designs, invitations, business cards, and many more; definitely a must-have collection for graphic designers and enthusiasts. Packed with traditional scripts to exquisite-looking calligraphic arts, these fonts can easily express your desired thoughts and messages just by their artistic strokes.

I Am This: Spinning Into Control

Spinning Into Control by I Am This is a tightly-packed drum n' bass album. From fast beats to slow beats, and various electronica-techno breakbeats, this music album is surely packed with all those beats that can get you going from start to the end. This album features the popular track Sea of Something, garnering almost 1400 listens in Jamendo.

GNU Solfege

Solfege is an open-source software for music education. You can use it to practice your listening skills for rhythm, chords, note scales and note intervals. It helps musicians, music/sound engineers and music enthusiasts to remember and recognize notes to let them play better. Solfege is a great alternative for ear training and for conducting tests for ear training classes.


PicPick is an all-in-one free software for capturing, editing and managing your screenshots. It keeps its dock in the taskbar so you can easily select handy tools to capture, edit images, measure pixels, and even use your desktop as a whiteboard.

Starting Somewhere: Relax

Starting Somewhere's music album Relax features relaxing beats and melodies with a touch of trip-hop. Perfect as a lounge music, all of its 13 tracks greatly describe the album's name. Featuring Andy Natusch as the only member, this talented guy uses his own guitar, keyboard, turntables and beat machine to bring a fresh compilation of relaxing music to us.


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