Foodspotting is all about finding your favorite dishes or restaurants nearby. If you want to find out what your local restaurant is serving up, this app from Foodspotting Inc can help. The information comes from users who post images of their favorite foods. This setup is different from other apps in that you get first hand info from real users and restaurant goers.

If you’re just looking out for something different to eat, see what people at Foodspotting like. All the dishes uploaded are user favorites; you won’t find any food bashing here. Reviews from the public give you more information about a restaurant.

You can also post reviews and pictures. The interface makes it easy to bookmark your favorites. The images are crisp and loading times are fast. The address and distance from you is provided too. The app emphasizes positivity, so vote for your favorites. Note that reviews are not limited to the general public. You also get inputs from the people at the Travel Channel. Since Foodspotting came out in 2010, over two million dishes have been uploaded. With more and more people uploading images, it won’t be long before all major cities are covered.


The app is continuously updated. Some of its new features are the activity feed and drafts. The drafts allow you to retry uploads that failed one after the other. The company is also working on adding manual drafts.

Foodspotting is available for the iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Not only does it help you find stuff to eat. You can see what your friends like and you could end up in the same restaurant.
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