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Perfect365 from Arcsoft is a free makeup app for mobile and Windows that allows anyone to retouch, edit and improve their portraits. There aren’t that many apps like this on mobile, and of those available this is one of the best as it can detect where your mouth, eyes and nose are and begin editing.

Controls are very easy; you just need a single tap or click to add color to your cheeks, take away blemishes, and lighten up any dark patches below your eyes. There are also several glamor and make up tools available that you can use to make your face slimmer or emphasize certain features, if you would desire.


Once you are done editing you can save the image and share it on Twitter or Facebook. There are a lot of features on Perfect365, but among the highlights are instant facial recognition, one-touch makeup and touchup, and a host of facial cleanup elements. In addition the app has several enhancement features such as cheek lift, enhancement of the nose and bridge and a smile enhancer as well. Because of the one-touch controls, it doesn’t take much to change your image.

With so many things you can do there are unlimited options when it comes to styles and looks. Before and after comparison is available as well, making Perfect365 a fun app if you like touching up pictures of yourself or your friends.

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