NASA World Wind is a computer program by NASA that can take you anywhere in the world without leaving your home. This program lets you zoom from as high as a satellite’s viewpoint to any location on planet Earth and see rich 3D images and high rest Land Sat images. While it is very powerful, you only need your mouse’s buttons to make it work.

NASA World Wind is packed with a lot of features starting with Blue Marble, a stunning hi-res image of Earth, and finishing on being able to see the planet at a kilometer per pixel res. It also comes with Land Sat 7 that allows you to view terrains up close, and you can even use it to browse your own neighborhood or notable landmarks close by.


The program also comes with SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) and used in conjunction with Land Sat 7 gives you an awesome vista of the planet at eye level. With this feature you can fly in any direction and in any location on the planet. You will also find NASA SVS interesting as it showcases high quality animations explaining various natural phenomena, and then you can have World Wind play it.

MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) consists of different kinds of data that is regularly updated by NASA. Among the data that are updated are volcanic activities, fires, floods, dust, and other natural phenomena. This feature is updated daily and you can download them using this program. Apart from the fantastic images, NASA World Wind lets you get rainfall, temperature, cloud cover and other data from any city in the world.

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