It has been with us for a long while, but in case you still didn’t have the change to use it here it is again. Google Earth allows you to go on a virtual tour of the planet. With this app you can go anywhere in the world you want and each location comes with a ton of photos, information as well as numerous ways to interact with the data. Whether you’re just browsing around or searching for something specific, Google Earth can help.

There are apps available for mobile and desktop, and there’s also a web plugin, but whatever you use the program works the same way: you just spin the planet and tap the area you want to check out. Just tap any random spot on the planet and start exploring. Given the size and scope of the app, it’s easy to see how you can spend hours here exploring people and places.

Apart from the images, you can fly over the cities in 3D, monitor your GPS tracks, zoom in down to street level and zoom out to outer space. You can dive into the ocean and go back in time and view historical landmarks and images. If that’s not enough Google Earth also offers a tour guide if you’re new and not sure where to start. It also helps that the app is updated on a regular basis so there’s always something new to see here.

Google Earth is a terrific app and provides a ton of information about the Earth. It’s very useful as an educational tool, but it’s also great if you’re just looking to have fun and see what the world has to offer.

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