SeaMonkey is an all in one Internet application suite. Under constant development by the SeaMonkey team the suite includes an Internet browser, web development tools, an IRC client, an HTML editor, an email and newsgroup client. Although it is aimed at web developers and advanced users, many of the applications are easy enough for casual computer users to use.


SeaMonkey’s browser has all the features you’d expect including tabbed windows and the ability to sync your passwords, bookmarks and history across different browsers. SeaMonkey is a stable application and on the rare occasion that it crashes it will restart and open with the sites that you were viewing. In addition the browser supports add-ons.

The mail and newsgroups allow you to manage folders and mail in parallel, and there are powerful junk email controls that will control spammers and you can color code them for easy reference. Other features include support for multiple accounts, and there is also an RSS and Atom news reader.

Composer, its HTML editor, includes support for table cells, quick inserts, dynamic table and image resizing and it can handle CSS and positioned layers. Its IRC chat client, Chatzilla, makes it easy to manage multiple networks and channels, and you can change its appearance with motifs. Finally, SeaMonkey comes with its own web development tools, DOM Inspector and JavaScript Debugger.

SeaMonkey is a powerful all in one Internet suite and offers many features that other browsers don’t’ have. You don’t need to be a developer or programmer to use their browser and email, as they are easy and fully functional.

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