EasilyDo Assistant from EasilyDo is a productivity app that can do a bit of everything: track packages, notify you of the weather, check traffic, and arrange your contacts and more. The app also functions as a reminder and all the info you need appears on the spot when you need it.

With EasilyDo you can use it to arrange your contacts and sync the information in your address book, and it will even merge duplicate information, saving you time. In addition, the app can function as a notification tool so you never have to miss out on any appointment, making this essential for people on the go.


The functionality of EasilyDo does not end there, as it also comes with preset messages for texting, and the same functionality extends to email and calls. And it doesn’t end there since EasilyDo can also get you directions and notify how long it will take you to get to a particular destination. Other features in the app include the ability to dial conference calls and check into LinkedIn profiles.

The list of EasilyDo Assistant features goes on, and their efficiency can be demonstrated easily. With it you will get alerts from people, and it will also show boarding passes. Travelers will also appreciate the fact that you can add flight itineraries and then share it with your friends and colleagues and even monitor your confirmation and reservation for movies, hotel, events and more. In short there are a lot of functions built In EasilyDo Assistant that you can use to make your life easier and more manageable.

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