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There are many iOS apps for reading and taking notes, but LiquidText does both and does it well. But this isn’t just a simple note taking app, like others, as it also lets you take notes and read at the same time, plus you can import web pages, PowerPoint slides, documents and PDFs, and that’s only for starters.

LiquidText also lets you take notes and annotate, but it’s most impressive feature is that it allows you to select text and drag it out of the document and into the ever present sidebar. You can drag different parts of your document there and arrange these in sections. While you’re reading, you can tap on any of the parts you dragged and you’ll be taken to the area of the document where the text was taken from.

This is a very convenient feature and it allows you to go to vital parts of your document rather than look for highlights. But if you want to highlight text that option is still available, and you can pinch the screen so the document only shows the highlights. Given these features, it’s easy to see how useful LiquidText can be for work, business, school or anyone who’s taking notes.

With the sidebar you can easily extract vital pieces of your document and type additional notes, compare sections and more. Any way you look at it, LiquidText is a productive app that takes out the drudgery of comparing and reading notes on mobile. The app is completely free and doesn’t even have any in-app purchases.

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