OMG TD from Yodo1 Games takes the traditional defense game to the next level with some truly addictive gameplay, impressive graphics and a cool visual style. There are plenty of defense games on the iOS, but OMG TD is a bit different as lots of strategy is needed, and there’s bucket loads of humor too.


If there’s one thing that epitomizes OMG TD it is there’s plenty of action as you are placed in charge of the mighty Greek deities and use them to battle all sorts of enemies. Not only do you have lots of gods on your side, but you can summon the great heroes to help you out during the heavy battles.

OMG TD takes you into a world full of danger and fun, and as your gods destroy the enemy in the battlefield, you’ll be able to unlock more levels and call out more Greek gods and characters. As you play through the game and advance you’ll be able to give them extra powers and abilities. OMG TD is a large game with three vast worlds encompassing 20 levels. Though the game is fun you need to be sharp during challenge mode as it can be tough.

Overall OMG TD is a great defense game that offers lots of challenges and monsters to kill. Controls are easy to learn as well, as you just swipe to hurl lightning, fire or water at your opponents. There are actually more than 40 monsters here, and it’s your job to beat the big bosses as well. In other words, it’s fun.

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