Make It Rain: The Love of Money is a tapping reflex game from Space Inch that takes elements of other tapping games but adds a different level of excitement and fun. So rather than tapping your fingers on cookies in order to make them multiply, you slide money bills, “making it rain”.

Just like other tapping and reflex games, Make It Rain isn’t hard to figure out, and this obviously is not as complex or sophisticated as other games out there. But what it lacks in intricacy is made for by its fun factor. Though there are many tapping games, Make It Rain is much more satisfying as sliding the bills off with your finger is very addictive.

The goal in the game is to make a lot of money, which is probably another reason why the game is so popular. Every time you swipe your device, the more money you make, and the faster you swipe, the more cash comes to you. It won’t take long therefore, until you see all those bills flying all around your screen. But of course you need money to make money, and Make It Rain offers a lot of options. You begin your business with lemonade stands and then move on to the big time where you’re bribing judges and politicians, and as you become more corrupt the more money you’ll make.

However, there is a challenge here since the FBI will eventually start noticing your activities, and using the wheel of fortune, you could get away or get busted. Bottom line: Make It Rain: The Love of Money is an addictive game.

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