Disco Bees is a free match three puzzle game from Space Inch. The mechanics should be familiar more than familiar, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is a compelling game that holds its own ground. In addition, the game truly lives up to its name with its cool disco soundtrack. Make no mistake about it, this isn’t your ordinary match tree puzzle.

In the game you need to match three bees with the same color, and if you do that successfully the board will be cleared up. Here however, the board has a hexagonal shape. There are many levels here and you need to reach the required score to move on, and you can get help with flower power bees and super bees that will wipe the board clean.


The mechanics and gameplay should be familiar to anyone who has played match three puzzles before, but Disco Bees has been packaged in such a way that everything feels new. The bees are well designed, and the colors and visuals are really nice. Once you clear the board, the bees will do a little dance, and it is really quite funny.

As for the soundtrack, it definitely sounds like from the 70s. There is no licensed music here, but the music is unmistakably disco, and certainly adds to the atmosphere. Even if you have played match three puzzles before, Disco Bees is a welcome addition as it puts a new spin into the genre. Not only is the game fun, but the artwork and the soundtrack really gets to you in a good way.

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