Lep’s World 3 is a mobile game for the Android and iOS that combines classic elements of sidescrolling and platformer gameplay with a modern touch. This is an exciting game that offers plenty of challenges as well. If you’re into platformer type of action, you will definitely enjoy this one from developer nerByte GmbH.

The storyline is pretty simple, as trolls have taken all the gold in your village and kidnapped some of the residents as well. Now you have to get them back, and the way to do it is to run and jump around different worlds. However, rescuing your friends and getting the gold back won’t be easy, as you need to battle a horde of enemies and evil bosses along the way.

The game’s graphics are very nice, and Leprechaun Village, as well as Lep and the other characters, are nicely rendered and very smooth. While the game looks cute, helping Lep rescue his friends and family isn’t going to be easy as some of the levels (there are 20 of them) can be quite tough.

However, Lep’s World has very easy controls, and if you have played platformer games on mobile before the controls will be very familiar. The game is full of items that you can collect to boost your abilities, and in addition there are over 20 different kinds of opponents so you never fight the same villains over and over. Also, there are five different big bosses, something that will challenge you. And if that isn’t enough, Lep’s World 3 has an option for multiplayer action on Facebook.

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