Slice is an app for the online shopper with which you can manage all your purchases regardless where you shop online. What the app does is take the tracking number in your email so there’s no need for you to input them in your package. But it can do a whole lot more.

Once Slice is installed on your computer, it will provide updates so you will never be at a loss concerning your shipment’s status. The app will also provide you with push notifications when your items are out for delivery or shipped out. Aside from this, Slice will also notify you if the price of the item you bought has been lowered, and thus claim price adjustments.


Aside from this, Slice also lets you assess all your shopping by arranging everything in various categories and keeping track of how you shop. More importantly, the app stores all your receipts, a very handy feature in case you want to review the items you bought. For many though, the package tracker is the most useful feature here since it notifies you where your package is.

However, there’s more to Slice, since it also comes with a barcode scanner for monitoring returns and outgoing items. There is also a pre-order tracking system and you can also check on vouchers, plus there are product recall updates too. Since the app monitors your shopping habits, it’s able to help organize and store warranty claims, exchanges and other info.

Finally, Slice has built in support for DHL, UPS, USPS, FedEx and others, so support won’t be an issue.

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