Most of us do our shopping online now, but one thing hasn’t changed, and that is we’re still on the lookout for the best bargains. Now with the Honey extension from Chrome and Firefox, it just got a lot easier to save money when you’re online. In the past you had to browse all over the Internet to find coupons, but Honey does it for you.

After you download and install the Honey extension, it will add a “find savings” button on many popular e-commerce websites. All you have to do is go shopping online like you always do, and when you reach the checkout, look for the Honey button. Click the button and it will start looking for all coupons and codes which work.

Once the codes are found Honey applies them automatically. That is all there is to it. You don’t need to do any more hunting around the web for coupons and codes as the extension does the work for you. Not only that, but since it works with many popular online stores, you can save money even if you shop at various retailers.

If that was all Honey did it’s still worth a download, but it works for cash back programs too. This works with Target, Groupon and a number of other websites, and all you have to do is sign up for Honey, download the extension and it goes to work the next time you shop. You can also use Honey to earn points and when you get enough of these points you can exchange it for an Amazon gift card or money.

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