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GeoGebra from the International GeoGebra Institute (IGI) is a free mathematics app designed for students. However, this app, also available for the desktop, is versatile enough for anyone who needs some help with calculus, algebra or geometry. Unlike other math tools, GeoGebra is easy to use.

Once installed, you’ll see the GeoGebra interface has several icons that you can click or tap to create a wide array of mathematical objects such as sliders, reflect objects, angles, ellipses, polygons and different points and lines. Click one of the objects and the two-axis view brings up the property box that allows you to customize and set every item.

You just click to add objects and points and you will see that it is added to the Dependent Objects and Free Objects list. After adding an object you can move and edit it: a single click adds a circle through multiple points for instance. By moving objects around using your cursor, an object can be expanded, moved or contracted. Whenever changes are made you will see these reflected in the Free Objects list and on the cursor.

The Input Field makes it easy to enter equations where they are shown in the main view. The default setting for GeoGebra should work fine for most users, but you can make changes in the Options menu. There’s also a Tools menu where you can add more tools via the wizard tool. GeoGebra is well-designed application and flexible. If you need help with some math, this is an app well worth a download.

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