ShareX is a screen capture utility. While hitting the Print Screen key works, it is too limited, but with ShareX you can add effects like watermarks, print, annotate and perform other functions. If your screen capture needs go beyond the basic you will find this utility handy.

Once the program is installed you’re going to see how many options are available. There are options for capture, tools and more. Select capture and you will see options to select full screen, rectangle, triangle, polygon, diamond and more. Once you have decided on the shape, i.e. a rectangle, you can resize it.

ShareX supports animated Gif capture and you can customize the operations with hotkeys. If you want to edit the screenshot, use its editor to blur some parts, crop the image and add annotations. Once you are done editing ShareX can upload the file to Google Drive, Flickr, ImageShack and more.

The default settings work fine and don’t need to be tinkered with, but if you want to configure it, use the shortcut keys. The shortcut keys can be used for uploading, annotating, running the URL and more. Aside from copying the images to the clipboard, but you can also copy the URLs. Another useful aspect of ShareX is you can upload files in Dropbox so they’re always accessible.

As you can see ShareX can do a lot more than just screen capture. If you’re tired of the limitations of your ordinary screen capture tool, then give this a shot and you might find it really useful.

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