Every now and then you need to take a screenshot, and while you can press Print Screen on the keyboard, there are no options to edit it. Now with GreenShot you can do more with that screenshot, and it’s easy to use as well.

The menu taskbar displays all the options conveniently. You can print that screenshot or save it in various formats for later editing. Once you launch the program you will see the menu. There you can choose to screen grab full screen, a region of the screen or windows. With a click you can also screen shot parts of programs.

You can access these functions by clicking the options, or you can use hot keys if you don’t want your fingers leaving the keyboard. GreenShot also has a memory utility which remembers the regions you captured recently. All of these functions are just a click or key press away so you can quickly choose the right option.

TGreenShot is not only effective, but it doesn’t use a lot of memory and just stays out of the way until you need to use it. The intuitive interface also means anyone can learn how to use this in a few minutes. The application is also open source so this is 100% free with no restrictions.

GreenShot may not be the most powerful or feature packed screen grabber, but it has the tools that most users need. If you spend a lot of time doing screen grabs and the Windows print screen is insufficient, then give GreenShot a try.

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