Amateur Surgeon 4 is the latest installment in the popular series from Adult Swim. Just like its predecessors it’s filled with gross humor on how to perform surgery like a certified amateur. If you’re new to the series, your character is an amateur surgeon who uses the most outrageous methods to “treat” patients, and it’s as fun as it sounds.

In Amateur Surgeon 4 you can use instruments like staplers and pizza cutters for abdominal pain, and if “necessary” you can set fire on their lungs too. You see your character happens to be a clone of the surgeons in the previous games, but you don’t have their memories, so you have to learn how to do surgery again.

During your learning process you have to use instruments like the aforementioned pizza cutter, blades, cutters and other tools on patients. It sounds scary yes, but it’s treated in a humorous manner though admittedly the humor is not for everyone.

Gameplay is simple: just tap your preferred instrument to use it and swipe on the screen to put it to use. Whether you’re using a saw to remove organs or pulling someone’s tongue with tongs, it’s the same tap and swipe combo.

There’s a time limit on each level and you’ll also want to beat the high score, so there’s lot more to do than just open up your unfortunate patients. If you fail to perform the procedure on time you’ll have to do the whole thing again. As the game progresses you’ll also come across cards and currencies to gain access to new tools.

Amateur Surgeon 4 is an acquired taste true, but if you fancy using chainsaws to operate n patients, then this is your thing.

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