Amateur Surgeon 3 from Adult Swim, unlike its predecessors, is free to play, and gives you the opportunity to play a doctor. Unlike in real life, you don’t need to spend a fortune or years studying medicine to perform an operation here. Best of all, you get to use all the tools you’d expect from a bona fide doctor like chainsaws, vacuums and a lighter among others.

You play Dr. Ophelia Payne and as the newbie in Dr. Alan’s hospital, you get to perform all sorts of operations beginning with Alan’s dog. The first few operations will show how the game mechanics work and afterwards you will be doing things on your own. The graphics are very amusing and isn’t really bloody or disgusting.

Amateur Surgeon 3

You will be doing stuff like operating on a guy with open wounds, a guy with concrete stuck in his lungs, that kind of stuff. The better you operate, the more stars you get and you also score points for a good job. Being quick and precise will get you multipliers. But you need to be careful because if you use a tool too quickly your patient might die. Working too slowly can also kill them, so you need to strike the right balance.

Amateur Surgeon 3 is a whole lot of fun, and the game has plenty of humor to go along with everything. The game is easy to learn, so if you have ever wanted to play doctor, now’s your chance.

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