You’re deleting files on your Android to free up space, when you accidentally delete an important file. What now? If you don’t have a copy, tough luck, but if you have the Dumpster app, you can retrieve it. Yes, this app from Baloota works like the Mac Trash Can and Windows Recycle Bin and lets you recover those files.

Once you have installed Dumpster, the deleted file goes into it. Just open the app to restore, and you can preview the file first if you want in the app. Dumpster supports common files like .mp3, .mp4, zip, pdf, audio, images videos, .rar. html, .apk and other formats.

All those files are kept in Dumpster until you permanently delete them. Or you can use the slider to adjust the time the files remain in Dumpster before they are automatically removed. You can also go to the options settings and check the types of files you want Dumpster to protect. If you’re sure you don’t want any documents to be placed in the Dumpster, remove the check mark.

It should be noted that Dumpster can only recover files that you deleted after installing the app, not before it. Even so, the app is still pretty good and serves as a nice safety net in case you accidentally important files. The bottom line is Dumpster is a handy utility. Almost all of us have at one time or another deleted a file or two by mistake. Now with Dumpster you have the means by which to recover them, and that’s a good thing.

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