Llama is best described as a locator ringtone management app. It utilizes your phone mast to find your location, then uses this information to change the ringtone, vibrate and ringer depending on where you are and the time of day. You can change profiles quickly so you can choose regular tones at work and during the day and quiet setting at night.

To help Llama find you, head over to the Areas tab and long tap your present location. Tap Start Learning Area and the app will memorize its location. Once that is set you can head over to the Profiles and customize them to suit your needs. Here you can change the sound, ringtone, go to vibrate or silent mode etc.

Llama works on a simple Events system. Every event is made of actions which are set off by specific conditions. Among these are connecting and disconnecting Bluetooth devices, charging, unplugged and starting/stopping the music.

Actions including adjusting the brightness, shutting the app, turning Wi-Fi, GPS, airplane, mobile data on/off. There are a lot of other options and settings and you just need to tap the ones you want to set for your profile. Getting your profiles ready is easy and Llama does not us up a lot of resources either.

There are few things more annoying than your phone ringtone going off while you are sound asleep, or you are in the middle of work and it suddenly turns on. With Llama you can quickly adjust the settings appropriately.

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