GIF for Facebook Messenger

GIF for Facebook Messenger from Riffsy is the app that does exactly that: let you send GIFs. Messenger is a cool app and mostly functional, but the fact you can’t send GIFs has always been one of its shortcomings. Now, that isn’t going to be a problem anymore as you can send GIFs with a single tap.

Giphy For Messenger

Giphy for Messenger is all about making it easy to search GIFs and using them in the Messenger app. This isn’t the only app that can do the GIF thing, but it’s one of the most popular because once you download the app and integrate it with Messenger, you can search the Giphy database for all their GIFs, and that’s a lot.

Find My Friends

Find My Friends from Apple is an app that helps you locate family and friends using your iPad or iPhone. In this day and age there’s no reason for you to be out of touch, and this app does exactly that. If you and your friends install this app you’ll be able to keep track of each other easily.


Voxeet is a conference call application, and while this isn’t the first to appear in the market, it’s caught on because you get free 3DHD audio be it for Android, iOS or Windows. With HD audio you’ll no longer hear the distortion that comes with regular conference calls, but it does a lot more than that.


BCast from Full Circle Geo Social Network provides you with the means to broadcast live streaming videos from the web, TV or mobile, both to and from. Designed as a social media app and a full blown broadcasting tool, the app makes it easy to set up your own BCast channel and broadcast, or you can browse the ones available.