GIF for Facebook Messenger from Riffsy is the app that does exactly that: let you send GIFs. Messenger is a cool app and mostly functional, but the fact you can’t send GIFs has always been one of its shortcomings. Now, that isn’t going to be a problem anymore as you can send GIFs with a single tap.

Once the app is installed you can easily search for GIFs and pass them on to your friends via the Messenger app. Video search is supported too and the interface makes searching easy. It’s simply a matter of finding the GIF you want to use and sending it to the person you want.

If you find several GIFs you like, you can save them into collections for later use. These can also be stored in your camera as well so there are many ways to manage your GIFs. Another nice thing about the app is you can search GIFs from various categories like music, trending and so on. This is a handy feature and makes it easier to sort through the literally millions of GIFs on the web.

gif messenger screenshot

Once you find GIFs you like, just tap it twice and it’s added to your collection, and you can send these with audio and even sync your GIFs across several devices. Bottom line: GIF for Messenger is a fun app that makes collecting and sending GIFs easy and quick. That’s all it does and it does the job well, which is what matters.

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