Giphy for Messenger is all about making it easy to search GIFs and using them in the Messenger app. This isn’t the only app that can do the GIF thing, but it’s one of the most popular because once you download the app and integrate it with Messenger, you can search the Giphy database for all their GIFs, and that’s a lot.

Giphy has a pretty straightforward interface: you can quickly go to the latest trends and find what GIFs are hot, and once you find one you like just tap to send to your friends. There are millions of GIFs here but they’ve been arranged in categories like animals, music, emotions, memes, TV etc. allowing you to fine tune your search.

You can insert the GIF in Messenger with just one tap so there’s really nothing to it. What makes the app fun to use is everything has been simplified. Just wait for the download and installation to finish and you can quickly go to the latest GIFs and use them. If what you’re looking for isn’t there just tap Explore or Reactions to get more.

Once you get the GIF you want, just tap “Send” and the GIF will be embedded in the Messenger conversation. What makes it even better is your friends don’t need to have Giphy installed to see the GIFs you send them. Taking everything into consideration, Giphy is a very effective app for Messenger and works seamlessly. If you love GIFs then this is what you need.

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