Bloc Party

Up Dharma Down: Noisetrade Sampler

Dubbed by BBC as “The Manila band most likely to cross over to the lucrative Anglophone market of North America”, Up Dharma Down (UDD as they are called by their legions of fans) is among the heavyweights of the music industry back in its hometown Philippines. If you are just wondering how big UDD is, just imagine this – they have opened for big time foreign bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, Bloc Party, The xx, Tegan and Sara, among many others. This is proof of their ability to draw crowds everywhere they play and the trust given to them by many concert producers to open for bands with much more accomplished resumes.

Musical Mathematics: First Time’s a Charm

First Time's a Charm is a free compilation culled together by online indie music site/zine, Musical Mathematics. The site does reviews, features, promotions, and sells various music from up and coming indie rock bands. What started as a small little place for bringing and exposing indie music has grown into quite a collective. The site now boasts various writers, designers and contributors; helping share and bring internet fans a taste of indie music heaven. The site pretty much reviews and tackles different bands from different countries but they also strive to bring some of their local Leeds talents a chance to shine.