First Time’s a Charm is a free compilation culled together by online indie music site/zine, Musical Mathematics. The site does reviews, features, promotions, and sells various music from up and coming indie rock bands.

What started as a small little place for bringing and exposing indie music has grown into quite a collective. The site now boasts various writers, designers and contributors; helping share and bring internet fans a taste of indie music heaven.

The site pretty much reviews and tackles different bands from different countries but they also strive to bring some of their local Leeds talents a chance to shine.

This is a debut compilation for the site and features 21 indie tracks from various talented bands. Opening with the hardcore Kent band, The James Cleaver Quintet and their track Snakes; the album opens strong with rowdy guitars, shouty vocals and unconventional rhythm.

Another band that’s featured here are the Lincolnshire natives, From a City in Ruins. Their single, Fin! Fin! Fin! is a mix of alternative and slight progressive rock coupled with whiny vocals. Although the song isn’t spectacular, there’s a nice Bloc Party vibe happening on there. Meanwhile, it’s followed by the brilliantly oddball cut, Face Tat from Zach Hill. This instrumental number is a little harder to describe with a multitude of instruments swaying and jumping along to get face time.┬áTheo, Killington Fall, For Serious This Time, Talons and so much more are among the other bands to expect.

First Time’s a Charm is indeed a charming compilation record that should give you a good dose of indie rock/progressive/alternative bands to look into. Even if you might not like all of them, it’s almost certain you’ll find a band worth checking out here. Grab the download.

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