James Rabbit: Express

Hailing from Santa Cruz, California, James Rabbit is a mishmash band playing several various instruments ranging from keyboards, trumpets, flutes, trombones, and even xylophones. With Tyler Martin, the bandís front man and vocalist singing with a playful voice, the group offers a very colorful west coast pop music. Express is a twelve track collection of the bandís songs for the past five years selected by band members and friends covering eight previous albums.

Alive and Well at The Trash Bar – a music documentary on NYC rock, punk & metal scene

In 2006 New York City lost two of it's most beloved and influential rock and roll music institutions. But CBGB and Continental were merely victims of a larger epidemic - the corporate takeover of lower Manhattan. Little did anyone know at that time that a seemingly run-of-the-mill music venue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, would, by a series of fateful events, take over to carry the torch and continue a longstanding New York City tradition. In an age when big business rules all, it's true that a rock and roll club can still manage to live up to a core set of values held near and dear to the hearts of thousands of music fans, the legacy of the NYC rock and roll movement, and the idea of what that movement represents to those who have only read about it. Welcome to The Trash Bar!