Hailing from Santa Cruz, California, James Rabbit is a mishmash band playing several various instruments ranging from keyboards, trumpets, flutes, trombones, and even xylophones. With Tyler Martin, the band’s front man and vocalist singing with a playful voice, the group offers a very colorful west coast pop music.

Express is a twelve track collection of the band’s songs for the past five years selected by band members and friends covering eight previous albums.

It kicks off with She Appears, from their album Allies 1 that quickly sets up the mood with a choir-like intro. It then builds up the pace by having percussions played in the background matching the song’s I-met-the-perfect-girl theme. Followed by Candles, the band continues to display their acoustic prowess even by just singing eight different lines.

Coast to Coast and Heart to Heart comes from their album Colossuses way back in 2006. The song emphasizes on long distance relationships and Martin’s consistent capability in lively wordplay. While United States Cooldown from their album Continental delivers an upbeat rock tempo fitted to the song’s college life environment.

The album finishes off with George Gershwin from their 2007 album Coloratura that pretty much summarizes the band’s genuine style in playing music: an exciting array of instruments matched by bubbly vocals by the singers.

All in all, James Rabbit’s Express is something you can whittle on for an hour or two which you can use to give you inspiration or simply just to kill time away.

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