Coroner for the Police

Coroner for the Police: Gentleman’s Relish

They are the Coroner for the Police. They are a 1920s mobster rock-punk band with a penchant for a good suit. They are the fact and the reason why you will have loads of fun listening to music for the next couple of minutes. Hailing from the United Kingdom, Dave, Nathan, John and Dan formed the band at the start of 2012 in a clingy warehouse then gigs followed wherein beers were drunk and friends were made.

Coroner for the Police: Swamp Box

Despite being a new band (they formed in the early part of 2012,) Coroner for the Police already has a knack for capturing the listener's attention. Thanks to their upbeat and loud indie rockish sound, it's easy to jive along to their music. The four piece Manchester crew is made up of Dave Labrow , Nathan Kai Wright, John Simm and Dan Woolfie. Swamp Box is their first EP and was released last May 2012. They have plans of creating another short compilation by the end of the year.