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15 Minutes

If you're a big fan of Jack Bauer and his exploits, then you might want to try out 15 Minutes. This cool game is a humorous take on the hit action TV show, 24. The game was created by Tim Hengeveld, an animator, storyteller, game developer and artist all in one. It was created especially for the MAGS monthly AGS competition. The competition is open to all amateur game developers. Participants have to create a game under one month and following the rules set by the previous winner of the competition. Even though the game is a bit short, it's certainly entertaining and lots of fun. Check it out.

Tux Racer

If you ever had a fancy for, Tux, the Linux mascot, then how about using him in a game? Tux Racer will let you do just that. It's a free 3D game that will let you use Tux or any of the other characters and guide him down from a hill, collecting herring on the way. You can make him go faster by sliding in ice. If you prefer maneuverability over speed, then let him slide on snow instead. Originally developed by Jasmin Patry, Tux Racer is a fun, relaxing game that's perfect for a great day off. It's not too complicated and quite easy to enjoy.