Matthew Reed: Come and Drink

If The Fray were to record a gospel collection, this would’ve been the outcome. Matthew Reed, a proud Christian and product of churches and worship teams on his teens, is poised to bring the message of God to everyone through a medium which instantly connects everyone: music.

Brian Lee and His Orchestra Vol II – Let Yourself Be Happy

Soulful indie rock music that can do wonders for you on a bad day. Brian Lee and His Orchestra is a three piece unit that creates sweet and relaxing indie pop music that washes away a bad day like salt after a heavy snowfall. With slightly gruff vocals and a smooth acoustic/electronic instrument work, Let Yourself Be Happy is a solid compilation that wins over the admiration of regular or new fans alike. Along with that traditional Nashville sound, great recording quality and obviously high quality production and promotion, Brian Lee and His Orchestra definitely has what it takes to impress listeners with their brand of indie folk rock.