If The Fray were to record a gospel collection, this would’ve been the outcome.

Matthew Reed, a proud Christian and product of churches and worship teams on his teens, is poised to bring the message of God to everyone through a medium which instantly connects everyone: music.

In 2011, he released his debut EP, Come and Drink, to mild success. It has climbed the Gospel charts considerably and has also amassed loads of downloads from Noisetrade, which is a proof that his methods are working effectively.

The upbeat “Awake, Awake” is not only an urge to have us ‘awaken’ spiritually, but a resounding evidence of how Reed and his production team can craft a really infectious tune.

Similarly, bop along (and praise) to other stand-out tracks such as the hand-clapping “Crash This Place“, adult contempo lite “Come Now“, and the folk masterpiece “Emmanuel.”

Pour Out” is an exceptional way to end the EP, as more of its generous drum beats leave fans hanging on for more music, and of God.

Track listing:

1. Awake, Awake
2. Come and Drink
3. Crash This Place
4. Come Now
5. Emmanuel
6. Pour Out

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