Soulful indie rock music that can do wonders for you on a bad day. Brian Lee and His Orchestra is a three piece unit that creates sweet and relaxing indie pop music that washes away a bad day like salt after a heavy snowfall. With slightly gruff vocals and a smooth acoustic/electronic instrument work, Let Yourself Be Happy is a solid compilation that wins over the admiration of regular or new fans alike.

Along with that traditional Nashville sound, great recording quality and obviously high quality production and promotion, Brian Lee and His Orchestra definitely has what it takes to impress listeners with their brand of indie folk rock.

Lead vocals, Brian Lee, has had his share of musical glory. Being a former member of acclaimed indie rock band, The Drifters, Brian Lee is no stranger to the industry. Unfortunately, the band went its separate ways and Lee went on to form Brian Lee and His Orchestra while other members formed Paper Route.

Brian Lee, along with Ryan Young and Jordan Yankel created Brian Lee and His Orchestra. The band has recorded and released two albums so far, the first one is a self titled debut and this new one Let Yourself Be Happy are both available as free downloads from their website. Alternatively, you can easily make a simple donation and pay for the album. Its a great way to help out the band.

Let Yourself Be Happy is composed of 11 tracks that reflect a lot of soul. Describing their genre as indie, doo wop and gospel; it’s hard not to notice the brand in their songs. Tracks like Love Comes Softly definitely hints at a doo wop sound, making the song a powerful and appealing love track that you can play for some quiet time with the love of your life. On the other hand, Waiting is a lovely track that makes for an instant favorite.

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