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Wacky Southern Current: In a Realm of Uncertain Summer

Wacky Southern Current is a compilation of 9 tracks that herald a beautiful post rock feel. This time around, the artist returns to No-Source netlabel for releasing their second album, In a Realm of Uncertain Summer. The title is a bit misleading since the tracks are neither wacky nor completely Southern, in fact, it's a set of melodic, acoustic post rock that serves as a the ideal mood setter for your quiet moments. Made up of Marco Cervellin, the Italian instrumentalist manages to balance a range of genres in one relaxing record. This is slightly different from his first release, but it still captures fleeting emotions to a tee.

ne:o Ė direkt (live)

Ne:o is a German band that mixes a whole lot of genres to create an essentially artistic piece of work. The group recently released a live performance compilation to cap off their German tour last 2009. It wasn't meant to be the last group performance but until today it remains to be seen whether the guys will be getting back together or not. The album is available at Aaahh Records as well as on Internet Archive. Ne:o played songs from previous albums, ‚ne:omuzic‚, ‚musikkritik‚ and the critically acclaimed, ‚illoj‚. Listening to this band is like taking a wonderful, psychedelic music trip where you encounter layers and layers of sound as well as instruments that beautifully harmonize or mingle with each other. Take a listen.

Work In Progress (2001)

strong>Work In Progress is an enchanting animation ready to take you on a journey into the fantastic workshop hidden deep down in the world of natural wonders. The workshop occupied by two peculiar inventors is a perfect location for their latest creation. However, as the inventors squabble over the concept and implementation of their latest project a mysterious third party comes along to provide the most important and still missing ingredient - a little touch of magic. Despite being released all the way back in 2001 the animation still offers some great visual experience to its viewers compared to other short films of the last decade.