Wacky Southern Current is a compilation of 9 tracks that herald a beautiful post rock feel. This time around, the artist returns to No-Source netlabel for releasing their second album, In a Realm of Uncertain Summer.

The title is a bit misleading since the tracks are neither wacky nor completely Southern, in fact, it’s a set of melodic, acoustic post rock that serves as a the ideal mood setter for your quiet moments.

Made up of Marco Cervellin, the Italian instrumentalist manages to balance a range of genres in one relaxing record. This is slightly different from his first release, but it still captures fleeting emotions to a tee.

While listening to In a Realm of Uncertain Summer, listeners are treated to a fusion of sound that flow together like a dreamy landscape. Its almost like looking through a kaleidoscope lens but instead of colors, all you see is black and white.

Starting things with a one minute intro, the album continues on with a track called Theme for the Uncertain Summer. The song makes me think of movie sequences where the lead character is looking through the window of his or her car, taking in their surrounding with an unattached attitude; almost like an outsider. The carefully crafted melody is perfect, while the slight guitars and hint of drums cap it off nicely. Most of the other cuts run in the same vein, those worth noting include the Naked Mountain Song and Eventide.

If you like listening to smooth and melodic post rock, then this is an album that shouldn’t be passed up. Each cut allows you to wander and explore; creating a gorgeous downtempo/minimal soundscape along the way.¬†You can grab the download over at Internet Archive. This one is available for free.

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