Games developer Ketchapp has become known for their casual games with simple concepts yet are maddeningly difficult to play, and Twist is their latest offering. The objective is simple: jump the ball on the rotating platforms for as long as you can, and it’s as frustratingly addictive as you expect.

Slow Down

There are basically two kinds of games on mobile, the complex ones that require you to invest time in them, and the others that are aimed at casual gamers who only play in spurts and just want a diversion. Slow Down by Ketchapp is one such game, offering a simple gameplay that anyone can get into.


2048 from Ketchapp is an iPad and iPhone game that should be familiar to anyone who’s played Threes. The basic idea here is to swipe your screen up and down, left and right until the numbers are 2048. The objective of the game seems easy enough but it’s a lot more challenging than you think.