2048 from Ketchapp is an iPad and iPhone game that should be familiar to anyone who’s played Threes. The basic idea here is to swipe your screen up and down, left and right until the numbers are 2048. The objective of the game seems easy enough but it’s a lot more challenging than you think.

The controls in the game are easy enough to understand and it won’t take long before you get the hang of it. When playing the game, remember that the entire board will move too, and the numbers you have will move up to the edge. The objective here is to try and match those squares using your swipes.


At the same time you need to maximize the space available on the board. While the game is challenging you will have a better chance of succeeding if you make the most of the empty spaces provided. Another challenge that players have to face is to reduce the moves you make that don’t provide any match, as it will just make the challenge more difficult.

2048 is a challenging puzzle game that will have you trying out different strategies to try and win. You will also want to strike a balance with your growth. If you’re playing the game and not sure how to proceed try to have at least a couple of highest level numbers that are match ready. This should be followed by amounts that are smaller, and that should increase your chances of winning. If you love puzzle games, then 2048 will be right your alley.

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