There are basically two kinds of games on mobile, the complex ones that require you to invest time in them, and the others that are aimed at casual gamers who only play in spurts and just want a diversion. Slow Down by Ketchapp is one such game, offering a simple gameplay that anyone can get into.

Slow Down features a ball bouncing on a road in isometric view. In front of you are various obstacles such as moving blocks, plus signs, barriers, spikes and so on. If you hit any of these, it’s game over, and the only way to prevent this is to hold onto your mobile screen to slow things down.

Aside from avoiding those obstacles, you can also pick up the various stars scattered throughout, because if you collect enough you’ll be able to buy more balls. And that is all there is to the game mechanics. Everything sounds so simple, but it’s actually quite complex and challenging. The graphics are nothing to write home about, but it’s suitable for the game and the techno soundtrack more than makes up for this.

The roads are randomly generated, so you cannot memorize where the obstacles are, and it’s not easy slowing things down because there are a lot of obstacles in your path. If you like casual games with a bit of a challenge, give Slow Down a try. You’ll likely die the first few times you play, but you’re going to find your rhythm soon enough and find a way to advance.

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