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Journey To The Center of the Earth

Yes, this is one of those games where you play a helmet wearing archeologist trying to uncover several important artifacts from underground. Although Journey to the Center of the Earth is a bit simple especially for those who are masters when it comes to platformer games; it is nonetheless cute and fun to play. Essentially, you get a simple, clean game that will keep you busy for an hour or two.


Ninjabi is a short platformer game that follows Layla, a Muslim ninja, that seeks to defy and fight off the oppression she experiences in an un-indentified Muslim country. Now, yes, the game did gather quite the reaction from different sectors when it was first released. Controversy aside, the game contains a very fun gameplay and definitely worth enjoying on your spare time. Despite the protagonists' fight for independence, the game does showcase great respect for the Muslim culture. It is filled with imagery and soundscapes that represent the culture.