Yes, this is one of those games where you play a helmet wearing archeologist trying to uncover several important artifacts from underground. Although Journey to the Center of the Earth is a bit simple especially for those who are masters when it comes to platformer games; it is nonetheless cute and fun to play.

Essentially, you get a simple, clean game that will keep you busy for an hour or two. The game was developed in Japanese, so don’t expect to see English instructions anywhere. But it’s not exactly difficult to figure out what to do, I mean the game is pretty simple and straightforward. Game controls are typical with arrow keys for movement, arrow down if you need to crouch; X is for jumping and D is for throwing bombs. Press A if you’d like to see an inventory of the artifacts you’ve collected so far and press D if you want this screen to disappear. By the way, if you want the game to go full screen mode, just hit F4 and it should expand to the size of your computer screen.

Also, you might want to keep in mind that there is no option to save the game as you go along. Hence, playing and solving the missions as you go is your only choice. It won’t be much of a problem though since the missions are pretty easy to accomplish.

Overall, the game is pretty simple and basic, but it’s this simplicity that makes it so much more alluring.

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