The Sarcastic Dharma Society: Other People’s Songs (Volume One)

Chill acoustic covers of old (or recent) folk favorites? Yes, please! This is the very idea of The Sarcastic Dharma Society‘s 2009 collection, Other People’s Songs (Volume One). While we have yet to see a volume two, the rich feel of this 10-track album is still as fresh as yesterday’s produce, lessening our clamor for a new one.

Oh!Hello: Spooky

Oh!Hello's follow-up to their delightful EP Beachy, is a curious thing. Originally a solo project, this Portland, Oregon band is composed of frontman Michael Todd Berland, Jordan Strickland and Nate Morse. They have already collaborated with other NW bands such as Grifflin Taylor (Faire du Surf) and Ed Hanson (Greate Horned Owl). Their latest set Spooky is a seven-track album released last October 27 and recorded under Vampire Factory.